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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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Новый форум про OS/2, ArcaOS, eComStation

  • обсуждаем как настроить Firefox
  • Диспетчер устройств
  • здесь можно научиться писать REXX скрипты
  • Настройка ArcaOS

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CoolFM logo


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CoolFM makes it possible to you:

  • Listen to FM radio stations while you work on your PC;
  • Record from radio for playback;
  • Activate build-in alarm clock and wake up in time
  • Listen to radio on desktop or laptop computers!


Supported hardware
  • USB
    D-Link DU-R100, DSB-R100, DRU-R100
    Gemtek USB Radio 21
    Jidas Radio1500 EXT USB
    AVerMedia USB Radio, MR-800
  • PCI
    Aver TVPhone 98/FM, TV Studio/FM
    LifeView Fly 98/FM
    Hauppauge WinTV PCI-FM
  • ISA
    Aztech/Packard Bell/CompExpress
    AIMS RadioTrack, Radio Reveal RA300
    AIMS RadioTrack II
    Zoltrix radio plus
    Mediaforte RadioMax SF16-FMX,
         RadioLink SF16-FMR/Typhoon
    Mediaforte RadioPlus SF16-FMP,
         RadioX SF16-FMI
    Mediaforte Legacy 128 SF16-FMD2,
         RadioLink SF16-FMR2
Extended features
  • All Stations may be identified by their logos;
  • Built-in events manager;
  • Touch red button to record OGG and WAV files; Records browser;
  • Skinning feature;
  • Multilingual interface: English, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch;



Click to enlarge

Do you like this funny skin? Move mouse cursor over his hands 8-)

Stations are accumulated in one container. Revolve joke dial to adjust frequency, change icon of any station with one hand movement using drag and drop.

Click to enlarge

Scheduling to switch between stations by time-table, wake up in time or record deep night transmissions
Check out:
  • Download - download coolfm, skins, stations for your city
  • History - changes history


For dummies

Report: OS/2 compatible hardware


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