POPA plugin

System requirements:


You need POPA for notebooks because it allows prolong the time of work if running on batteries.

Setup POPA plugin

File: ecocrc.ini
EnablePopa=0 =1 to enable Power Patrol (Popa)

Values: 0, 1

How to use Power Patrol (POPA)?

Use Ctrl-Alt-P to Change Power Patrol state (throttling and brightness are changed)

You easily switch between high performance and economical modes.

Ctrl-Alt-P or special button:




Q0: not clear how to enable it: should I add popa.dll to plugins\active? 
A0: it should be near to .exe, no need to add it to plugins\active

Q1: I have 2 CPUs, throttling changes CPU0 only.
A1: CentrinoDuo don't support throttling for each core, only for both together

Q2: The chipset of my computer: XXXXXX, does POPA work on my computer?
A2: Throttling depends on CPU. 
    Current version of POPA supports Intel CPUs only.
Q3: Can you implement support of my notebook in POPA?
A3: You should send us logs and data:
       a) upgrade to the latest ACPI.PSD
       b) send us ACPI log
          copy acpica$ acpi.log

       c) send us your ACPI tables,
          download IASL -- http://ecomstation.ru/projects/acpitools/?action=down
          run Iasl -g
          it generates some files (files with current date)

       d) send us your ACPI tables,
          download ACPI manager:
          start ACPI manager, press OK, you see the ACPI tree
          exit from ACPI manager
          send us generated files (files with current date)

Q81: Does my computer (CPU) support speedstep/throttling?
A81: Use utilities to query this: SetGetState.exe and SetGetThrtl.exe          
     Read the document: ACPI -> util\SetGetThrtl.doc